Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons

As an adult, you might find swimming lessons challenging or intimidating and we understand that learning to swim at a later age can be a difficult experience. With that being said, we make it a priority to make you feel comfortable and safe at Into the Swim. We are here to encourage you and help you grow.

We recommend year-round classes for adults as swimming is an important skill that can save lives. It is also a great cardiovascular workout, targeting almost every muscle of the body to make sure you stay healthy.

We have designed different programs during which a student can learn at a pace in which they can handle. Our semi-private lessons are restricted to a maximum of two students at a time and are matched based on age, ability, and comfort in the water.

If you wish, you can all opt for private swimming classes. We recommended these one on one classes to those adults who have special needs or fears. However, no matter the size of the class you choose, our certified instructors will ensure that you will be trained for the entire 30 minutes.

Our indoor pool selections are based on water temperature and cleanliness, which will help you enjoy your class in a relaxed environment. This will optimize your learning immensely.

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