Baby and Me Swimming Lessons

Baby and Me Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an important life saving skill and it is highly recommended that children learn as early as possible. A popular question many parents ask is at what age can a child start swimming lessons. Into the Swim suggests that a child should start lessons as early as three to six months old. This may seem young, but learning at such a young age boosts self-esteem and improves confidence in the water. Swimming lessons also help babies adapt to new situations and have greater self control preparing them for the future.

If you are interested in preparing your child for swimming classes when they get older, we recommend taking our baby & me classes. The child must be accompanied by an adult, preferably a parent or guardian. We do this because infants are naturally comfortable with their parents and being in the company of a parent in a new situation, such as a swimming class, reduces anxiety. Most importantly, the supervision that the parent offers can prevent tragic accidents.

Baby & me swimming classes may have as many as six students per instructor. If your child has not been toilet trained yet, he or she must wear water diapers. This helps with hygiene and brings the focus back to swimming.

Even if you have participated in baby & me swim classes and see that your child is able to swim at such a young age, this doesn’t ensure that they will retain this knowledge forever. We suggest that parents consider swimming year round to ensure their child’s safety in the water consistently.

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