Swimming Lessons For Your Child And What Can You Do To Help

There is a wide range of reactions for children when taking swimming lessons. For some it is the most exciting part of their weekly activities, but for others it may be a difficult process. For those children, the parents’ involvement can be tricky. What kind of roll should you have?

Showing Confidence Helps

Showing confidence in the instructor is the first step in getting your child to trust the swim teacher. We know it may be difficult, but you need to remember you chose your school because you trusted the school’s philosophy. Give the swim instructor a honest chance to show you their approach, because your child reflects how you react.

It’s All About Consistency with Swimming Lessons 

Whatever age you start your child’s classes, Into the Swim teaches all ages, remember this is a year-round process. Especially with younger students, the large gap in between quarters makes it very hard for the student to retain what has been taught. Winter weather should not be a deterrent.  Into the Swim’s indoor pools assure the weather outside will not affect the class structure. 

Recognizing An Activity’s Priority 

We understand there are many options offered to kids everywhere, but nothing should ever take priority over safety. Tragically, drownings occur. Your choice of swim lessons over other activities can help prevent your child from being a victim in these awful occurrences. Other sports and activities should not get in the way of your child’s safety.

Speak About Your Child’s Swimming Lessons At Home

When doing Into the Swim’s small group swimming lessons, speak about how great they are when at home. Encourage your child to talk about their new friend in their 2 students to 1 teacher ratio class. Remind them how knowledgeable and friendly their swim instructor is and how fun the next class will be.

Have Patience and Have Fun

Enjoy the learning process of your child’s swimming lessons, because this time in your child’s life happens once. Learning how to swim safely and properly should not have a time limit, because every child learns at a different pace.  Take a deep breath, always smile and you will be amazed at the progress your child will make.

The Benefits of Swim Lessons Instead of Training Alone

Swimming is a sport that can be enjoyed alone or with others. Often, swimmers make the mistake of training alone since they tend to focus on only improving their personal skills. However, athletes that take swimming lessons are provided with benefits that go beyond what they would achieve during solo training sessions. As you assess your current training plan, keep these reasons in mind why you should take lessons:

Increase Your Safety

Even beginner swimmers know that they should never swim alone, but you should not fall into the trap of thinking that just having someone in the area is enough. Competitive swimming requires movements that can lead to injuries if done incorrectly. During your lessons, your swim instructors work closely with you, will observe your techniques in and out of the water, and show you ways to avoid strained muscles that could ruin your chances to compete.

Perfect the Basics

Although you might think that you have mastered the basics, there is always room for improvement. Learning how to hold your head properly as you breathe and how to flex your feet are simple things that can be overlooked if no one is there to watch and critique. Swim lessons help you and others focus on executing even the most basic movements with proper form.

Learn Advanced Techniques

Every swimmer excels at different types of strokes, and you need lessons to help you learn what works best for your swimming style. During the sessions, you will spend time learning advanced techniques for making your freestyle stroke even better. Refining your skills takes time and practice, but it pays off when you arrive at your swim meet with a skill-set that lets you stand out from the competition.

Push Past Your Plateau

Athletes often hit a wall during which they are no longer advancing. For example, you may have noticed that are unable to improve your speed or ability to swim for longer distances. Professional swimming instructors are able to observe your current strategies and make recommendations that help you push past the plateau. You may simply need to adjust the way you complete a stroke to get adequate momentum. Alternatively, you may need to perform strengthening exercises or stretches out of the pool to finally be able to push harder in your training.

Enjoy a Sense of Community

Solo training may help you maintain your focus on self-improvement, yet you also set yourself up for frustration when you don’t get positive feedback from others. In group swimming lessons, you have the opportunity to work with other people who enjoy swimming just as much as you do. The camaraderie during these lessons allows you to keep up your motivation for staying on top of your training.

As a swimmer, you may have the mindset that training alone gives you all you need to compete. Yet, swim lessons teach you valuable skills that help you advance to the next level. As you revamp your training strategy, be sure to add lessons to your plans so that you can achieve your highest potential.