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How to Prepare Your Child for Swimming Lessons


Signing your child up for swimming lessons ensures they are comfortable around water and develop essential swim skills. If your child is nervous about starting swim lessons, this is perfectly normal. Fortunately, most kids become accustomed to being in the pool, especially when they start lessons at a young age. Below are some tips for…

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7 Lessons Swimming Classes Teaches Your Kids


Swimming schools like Into the Swim offer various classes to teach kids essential swim skills and how to be safe around water. Once your child learns the basics of swimming, they can progress through the various levels until they are swimming like fish! All classes offered at Into the Swim are specialized to each student’s…

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What to Expect from Baby and Me Swim Classes


Thinking about enrolling your child in baby swimming classes? It’s never too early to start! Unlike other activities that require your child to be of at least preschool age, swimming is something that even newborns can jump right into. That said, there is a lot to know about baby swim lessons. To get the most…

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Questions You Should Ask Your Swim Instructor

Swim lessons should be fun and enjoyable, yet you also want to have an instructor that focuses on safety and knows how to help you reach your fullest potential. Parents also want to know that their child’s first introduction to swimming is conducted in a way that allows them to develop a lifelong love for…

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Here’s How to Practice Swimming Outside of the Water

Practice truly does help you learn how to swim better and faster. Yet, parents often wonder how they can support their child’s swimming progress even if they do not have a pool at home. Now that your child is in swimming lessons, use these tips to practice their skills outside of the pool so that…

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How to Prepare Yourself for A Swim Meet

Swim meets are the ultimate place to test out your skills in the company of other swimmers. Although swimming classes prepare you for meets by giving you professional instruction for improving your strokes, proper preparation plays a vital role in how well you swim on the big day. As you get ready for the next…

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3 Common Stroke Mistakes that New Swimmers Make

Learning to swim is an exciting moment for people of any age, and even the youngest child benefits from lessons on how to safely spend time in the water. While swimming is one activity that people with different levels of abilities can learn, new swimmers often face a few challenges when it comes to learning…

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