Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Are you interested in having the combined benefits of private swim lessons and peer interaction? If this is what you are looking for in your swimming lessons experience, small group lessons could be best for your child.

We recommend semi-private swimming lessons for children two to four years old, as well as for adults and students who cannot swim independently. Learning how to swim in bigger swimming classes can socially overwhelm young children. While they are still developing confidence in the water, a private class can also be intimidating, given that the instructor is completely focused on them. However, semi-private lessons may be the solution to help overcome these common fears.

Our semi-private classes consist of a maximum of two students per instructor in which we find the proper match for you. The two students are paired together based on their age and ability. The reason we recommend this type of lesson is to ensure that each student receives at least 30 minutes of undivided attention from the instructor.

Achievement badges, reflecting the current (1 through 12) level of accomplishment, are awarded to the students at the end of the quarter.

A common issue and concern at many swimming schools is that students are only able to swim for a limited time during the lesson. This is because the instructor also needs to focus on the other children who might have different skill sets or challenges to overcome as well. Since we are aware of this issue, we make it a priority that our semi- private classes are dedicated to make each student learn and work for the entire half hour, as long as their skills are comparable to their peers’.

When two students share similar skill levels and participate in swimming class together, learning becomes more interactive, exciting, and engaging. In addition, when a child sees his or her peer excelling in challenging areas, this encourages the child to practice more, leading to better learning outcomes.

The best part about our swimming classes is that we offer rolling admissions all year long. You are able to start classes at any time of the year no matter the season and we provide flexible options of choosing from our after-school, evening, and weekend classes to accommodate all.

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