Introduction to Swim Team

We are incredibly proud to announce the second year of the Piranhas. It has been through the success of hard work and determination that have gotten us to this point, so congratulations to the team on being such fine young swimmers. Being that this is most members first opportunity to be on a swim team we will remain focused on stressing technique in addition to practicing for competition.

Practices are conducted for an hour twice a week. Unfortunately we are unable to provide make-ups for missed practices or practices canceled due to meets, so be sure you are on time for all of your scheduled practices so that you may compete at your best and become stronger swimmers. Into the Swim will incur all fees for swim meets, there are no additional charges for members. Competitions will continue to be added so keep checking this site for the possibility of more dates. We will be in touch when it is time for you to pick up your team suit, about official practice times and about other details once the team enrollment has been finalized. Are ready to get INTO THE SWIM of things? Let's Go PIRANHAS!