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4 Characteristics That Make a Great Swim Instructor

Even though swimming is a popular activity, it takes a special person to be a swim instructor. Teaching basic and advanced swimming skills is a demanding position that requires a person’s full attention and vigilance. While swimming instructors do have their own personality and style, they all possess a certain set of qualities that make them perfect for their role!

At Into the Swim, our instructors are our most important asset. We carefully handpick each teacher and ensure they receive the proper training to deepen their skill level. While we want great swimmers to come out of our program, safety is our top priority. Below you’ll find four important traits that we feel make a great swim instructor.

1. Carries extensive training and experience.

Into the Swim only hires the best instructors. In fact, we don’t mind waiting to fill a position, as we’d rather hire the right person instead of rushing to hire the wrong one! With this in mind, we expect all of our instructors to have the necessary qualifications and experience.

We believe a solid foundation creates a safe and rewarding environment for all learners. Our instructors are trained to teach in small groups, giving each child personalized attention. And, if anything were to happen, our instructors would be prepared to respond.

2. Has a passion for swimming.

Passion is another quality we look for. For our instructors, teaching swim lessons isn’t just a job. Swimming is a passion for them – something they love to do regardless of their moods! You can’t fake passion, and each instructor’s energy is contagious! That’s why you can expect every swim class at our facility to balance fun and learning.

3. Maintains patience with all students.

Lastly, we feel that patience makes a great swim instructor. As we mentioned before, everyone learns to swim at a different pace. Our classes are based on developing specific skills that can be applied to more complex swim techniques. However students move up is OK. Our instructors are patient and will continue working with each student to turn them into confident swimmers.

4. Finds a way to engage all students.

Just as students learn in school differently, they learn to swim in different ways, too. A qualified swim instructor knows how to teach in a variety of ways. They can assess each swimmer and apply new techniques and strategies to help them succeed. For example, swimmers who need more time to warm up to the water learn best through games.

Want to sign up for swimming lessons through Into the Swim? Contact us today to take advantage of our private, semi-private or small group lessons. You’ll love all of our instructors, but let us know if you are looking for specific skills and traits. We can accommodate your needs and match you to the best instructor.