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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Swimming School

Have you made the decision to enroll yourself or your child in a swim school? Swimming is a fun, enjoyable activity that keeps people active while teaching them essential swimming skills. To ensure you receive the highest quality instruction from knowledgeable instructors, it’s important to choose a swim school that meets your needs.

Below are five things to consider when picking out a swimming program for you or your child.

1. Student-Teacher Ratios

Swim lessons are meant to be hands-on, especially for young children. Don’t let your child get lost in the crowd. Before enrolling in a program, ask about the student-teacher ratio. Into the Swim offers private (1:1), semi-private (1:2) and small group lessons (1:3) for kids, as well as semi-private lessons for adults (1:2). These low ratios ensure that all swimmers get the attention they deserve.

2. Swim Level Progression

Swimming lessons are important because they teach you how to be safe in and around the water. But the learning doesn’t stop there. Students should continually build on your skills as you grow more comfortable in the water. Be sure to choose a program that progresses at a steady pace.

For example, Into the Swim has 12 levels. We start with Beginner Lessons that work on back floats, pushing off the wall and blowing bubbles through the nose and mouth. Our Advanced Level teaches advanced strokes and turns and prepares students for competitive swimming. Certificates are awarded as students pass each level. 

3. Fun Environment

Even though swimming is an essential safety skill, swim lessons should still be fun for all ages! A program that is too strict and rigid may push your child away or cause them to lose their desire to swim. A good way to determine the nature of the environment is by meeting the swim instructors or sitting in on a class to watch how the instructors interact with the students.

4. Various Locations

At first glance, the number of locations under one swim school may not seem to matter, but it does. First, having multiple locations is convenient. You can pick the location and times that work with your schedule. Second, various locations indicate that the swim school has a proven, time-tested record and is well-trusted in the community. Into the Swim offers 10 convenient locations throughout New Jersey.

5. Comfortable Water

It’s important for students to feel comfortable in the pool. If the water is too cold, they might spend all class time trying to warm up! To ensure comfort throughout the year, Into the Swim has only heated indoor pools. We check the water daily to maintain proper water temperature and chlorine levels.

Whether you’re looking for swimming lessons for yourself or your child, contact Into the Swim. With multiple locations, 12 different levels, certified instructors and small class sizes, you’re sure to learn a lot while having a great time!