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How to Prepare Your Child for Swimming Lessons

Signing your child up for swimming lessons ensures they are comfortable around water and develop essential swim skills. If your child is nervous about starting swim lessons, this is perfectly normal. Fortunately, most kids become accustomed to being in the pool, especially when they start lessons at a young age.

Below are some tips for preparing your child for swimming lessons:

Visit the Swim School

One of the best things you can do is visit the swim school where your child will be learning. This way, they can see the swimming pool. They can also watch other children their age engage in swim classes. Exposure of this sort will help your child feel more secure and confident when it’s their turn. 

Swim with Your Child 

Whether you’re on vacation, staying overnight at a hotel or relaxing in your backyard kiddie pool, take the initiative to get in your bathing suit and swim with your child. You can start doing this when your child is a newborn. They’ll get used to being in the water and look forward to developing new skills. If possible, join mommy and me swimming lessons where you get to be in the water with your child. 

Practice Swimming in the Bathtub 

We know what you’re thinking – water everywhere – but we’re not suggesting you teach your toddler the breaststroke in the bathtub. Instead, you can start with basic water skills like blowing bubbles, placing your child’s head under water and moving around. For added fun, let your child wear their bathing suit! 

A couple words of caution. First, make sure you always supervise your child. Drownings can happen in less than two inches of water. Second, ensure the water temperature is always comfortable for your child – usually around 90-100 degrees F. Water that is too hot or too cold can result in a bad experience. 

Look at Pictures and Videos of Kids Swimming 

Let your child know that you are excited to watch them swim. If you are happy, your child is more likely to be as well. Talking about swim lessons is a great first step, but you can also watch videos and read books about swimming and pools. This indicates to your child that swimming is an important part of life. 

Taking the extra step to prepare your child for swimming lessons ensures you and them are ready for the first day of class! To sign your child up for age-appropriate swim classes, contact Into the Swim today.