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At Into the Swim, our swim levels are carefully crafted to provide a structured path for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Explore our comprehensive range of levels, each designed to build essential skills and boost confidence in the water

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Beginner Lessons

Introduction to Water Skills

In our swim program, we progressively develop the student’s water skills, fostering confidence and proficiency. We begin with water entry and bubble-blowing techniques, then introduce face submersion and back floating. We also focus on safe water jumping and kick initiation. Wall push-off and glide techniques enhance overall proficiency. These skills are part of our comprehensive swim levels, ensuring your child’s safe and successful swimming journey.

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Independent Swim

Developing Water Confidence

In our Independent Swim level, we refine the student’s skills for efficient and confident swimming. This stage emphasizes wall push-offs, glides, and kicks, along with back float techniques and mastering the front crawl, including side breathing. We explore backstroke basics and break down breaststroke kick movement techniques. Submersion mastery is achieved through bobbing techniques, ensuring well-rounded swimming abilities.

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Stroke Development

Mastering Swim Techniques

In our Stroke Development level, we build on the student’s foundational skills, continuing to work on front crawl and side-breathing and backstroke basics, preparing for deep water, and enhancing abilities with underwater swimming. We also cover breaststroke essentials and initiate the butterfly stroke, ensuring readiness for advanced swimming techniques.

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Swim Team Prep

Collaborative Swim Training

Unleash your competitive spirit in our Summer Pre-Team (Competitive Swimming Program) at the South Brunswick Location. This program propels you towards swimming excellence and competition readiness. Participants should have passed the Survival Stroke/Float Test and possess intermediate skills in Front Crawl with Side-Breathing, Backstroke, and Breaststroke. Additionally, a basic understanding of the butterfly stroke is recommended. Dive into the introduction to sidestroke and elevate your swimming proficiency.

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Advanced Stroke & Turn

Advanced Stroke Refinement

In our Advanced Stroke & Turn level, swimmers refine their techniques, achieving a beautifully coordinated front crawl with side-breathing, a graceful backstroke, and a well developed breaststroke coordination. They begin to learn the intermediate butterfly technique, focus on flip and side turn techniques for competitive swimming, and enhance endurance through 50 to 100-yard swims. Lastly, we introduce the foundations of sidestroke, preparing swimmers for advanced challenges and ensuring they become well-rounded and confident swimmers.

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Competitive Swimming

Elite Swim Performance

In our Competitive Swimming level, swimmers advance further breaking down the most detailed of their technique. They master advanced front crawl with alternate breathing, expert backstroke techniques, and advanced breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers also perfect flip and side turns for 100-yard or longer swims, preparing for competitive events. Plus, they explore Swim Team Fundamentals for strategic excellence in competitions.

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