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Questions You Should Ask Your Swim Instructor

Swim lessons should be fun and enjoyable, yet you also want to have an instructor that focuses on safety and knows how to help you reach your fullest potential. Parents also want to know that their child’s first introduction to swimming is conducted in a way that allows them to develop a lifelong love for spending time in the water. As you begin your search for the right swim program, use these questions to help you identify the ideal coach to fit your preferences.

What Kind of Training and Experience Do You Have?

A quality swim class in NJ has standards in place that outlines the certifications and training that an instructor must have before they can teach classes. You should look for an instructor that is certified in First Aid and CPR. A professional swim instructor may also have a background in competitive swimming along with experience in trusted organizations such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the YMCA.

What Age Groups Do You Normally Train?

Swim instructors are usually qualified to teach water safety to people of all ages. However, if your child is very young, you may prefer an instructor that is used to working with children. Knowing that the swim instructor knows how to use child-friendly strategies to encourage your child’s comfort in the water will help you feel more confident when you take your child to their class.

What Is Your Coaching Philosophy?

Swim instructors should keep lessons positive and provide gentle encouragement that pushes your children to continue to strive toward improving their skills. However, you may want to look for an instructor that fits your child’s learning style. For example, if your child is aiming to swim competitively, you may prefer an instructor that is highly motivating. Alternatively, if your child is a hesitant swimmer, you should look for a coach that works at a student’s own pace.

What Skills Are Taught First to Beginners?

Although you might be excited to start swimming like a true athlete, effective swim coaches know that safety must always come first. New swimmers should be taught safety skills such as how to float on their back and call for rescue before they are shown how to perform a dive off of the diving board. This is especially true for children who may not be able to swim at all. Once your child knows the basics such as how to hold their breath under water, they’ll be more confident as they learn other swimming skills.

Do You Offer Private Swimming Lessons?

Private swimming lessons give you or your child an opportunity to work one on one with a coach. Since these lessons are tailored to fit the individual swimmer’s needs, it is possible to make greater progress in a shorter amount of time. While you may still enjoy taking group lessons, you should also have the option of taking private lessons as they are needed to refine your skills.

Swim instructors love what they do, and they take on this role out of the desire to help others learn to love swimming just as much as they do. By knowing how to assess a prospective instructor’s ability to fit you or your child’s needs, you can look forward to having the proper guidance to develop the necessary swimming skills for success and fun in the water.