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What to Expect from Baby and Me Swim Classes

Thinking about enrolling your child in baby swimming classes? It’s never too early to start! Unlike other activities that require your child to be of at least preschool age, swimming is something that even newborns can jump right into. That said, there is a lot to know about baby swim lessons. To get the most from these swimming classes, you must have realistic expectations for your child’s swim skills and prepare to be an active participant.

Here is a more in depth look at what you can expect from baby and me swim classes.

Bonding with baby

Baby and me swim classes are an opportunity to bond with your infant. Baby and me swimming lessons provide the perfect opportunity for bonding because you will be giving your baby security at times when they are unsure.

It’s also fun to let loose and have fun together by splashing, playing with toys and bubbles and singing songs. Your infant will learn to associate swimming with positive events, making them more willing to try new things and retain their skills.

Going under water

It’s not just your baby who has to be brave during swimming lessons but you, too! Most babies learn to go underwater during their first or second lesson. You’ll learn how to hold onto your baby while doing this. The first dips are quick and shallow. After that, you can start lengthening the amount of time your infant is underwater is based on your bravery and willingness to do it.

 Safety and kicking

Some babies start kicking as soon as they are placed into water. Others are relaxed and don’t kick at all. There is no right or wrong way to approach a pool. The goal at this age is safety. Each baby develops at their own pace and they can only master what their development and coordination allows. The good news is that even babies who are not kicking can be taught to come up for a breath.

Back floating

There are times when your baby will be comfortable on their back and times when they won’t. This can be a scary time for parents because when an infant gets scared, they throw up their arms and legs and go underwater. This is why it’s important to be patient and take things at their pace.

Following a long-term swim lesson plan

Baby swimming classes follow a long-term plan. Swim schools follow different curriculums, but most start with songs and movements to get your baby comfortable in the water. Stick with the classes for a few months and you’ll surely see progress.

But, be aware that for the strongest aquatic skills, your infant will need to take swim lessons year-round. They’ll continue building on their skills and grow more comfortable in the water. Better yet, once your child turns 2, they’ll be able to learn the same techniques as anyone else.

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