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Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Small Group Swim Classes

When your child is ready for swimming classes, you may think that private lessons are the answer. While private classes do offer many benefits, they aren’t necessary for all young swimmers. In fact, your child can get the same amount of attention in a small group while having more time to warm up to the water.  

If you plan on enrolling your child in a swim class, a small group setting can help them reach their individual goals faster and get more from their instructor. Here’s why. 

More Time to Relax and Recover 

At Into the Swim, our small group classes are limited to three kids. Everyone starts with us in a 2:1 ratio, unless it’s a special situation where the student has shown us they truly have the proper amount of technique to start. If that is the case, we will bump them to a 3:1 ratio setting where it is worth mentioning that a 3:1 class is not offered by us until we are assured the student has multiple strokes down cleanly to where fine tuning is what’s necessary.

For many young swimmers, this class size of 2:1 is just right. Some children need time to warm up, and a small group setting offers this flexibility. Additionally, there is more time for breaks in between learning new skills, but we don’t allow too much break time. We try to keep everyone active and moving throughout their lesson. 

Learn from Observation 

One of the biggest perks to group swimming lessons is that kids can learn from each other. Your child can watch what the other kids are doing, which is especially helpful if your child is an observer. Also, because our small groups are kept at 3 (at most) kids or less, there won’t be as many distractions as in a larger group. 

Encouragement from Peers 

Kids learn best when they’re having fun. And fun is something that’s naturally built into small group lessons. These classes create a safe, inviting place for kids to learn and explore while developing essential swim skills. As your child progresses, they’ll earn achievement badges. Our students feel a huge sense of accomplishment when receiving these badges alongside their friends. 

Better Understanding of Swim Skills 

While children are well-matched to their swim instructors at Into the Swim, we realize that some youngsters learn best from watching others. Swimming as a group makes it easier for your child to understand their swim instructor because they can copy their friends. Plus, your child will thrive from the built-in motivation, as they won’t want to be left behind. 

Small Group Swimming Lessons in NJ 

Into the Swim offers small group classes with a 2:1 and 3:1 ratio. They typically run 30 minutes each week, for 9-13 weeks. All classes are customized to the needs of each student. This ensures your child is placed with an instructor that is best suited to their skills and personality. We recommend our small group classes to experienced swimmers ages 5 and up. To learn more about small group swimming lessons, contact Into the Swim today.